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At FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY, we strive to be a company which with relations of trust with our customers who commission us with peace of mind, by proposing further technological innovations and new solutions based on the foundation of technology we have cultivated over many years.
With a clear view of the trends of the times and a broad outlook, we will continue our unending fight to create
"value which is only possible at FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY".


  • Our company is an injection molding mold manufacturer specializing in "rotating, round plastic parts". We participate in the planning with our customers from the product design stage, providing flow analyses and a variety of technological proposals while unifying our order receptions from the development of prototype molds to production preparations with mass production molds. Furthermore, we conduct prototype molding, measurement and inspection, small lot mass production molding for super engineering plastic, etc., in-house at our company.
  • We're special members which provides total solutions to our customers' production technology problems by fully using the newest tools and technical knowhow from mold design to quality control of molded products.
    Our company's management philosophy is "Never surrender to create the New Value". All of our employees not only produce molds but also pursue high added value that can be achieved by molds, new product technologies, and innovative industrial techniques to aim to be an engineering company here in Japan. We are also the official authorized supplier for Jtekt Corporation of the Toyota Group.

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Line of business Development/proposal of injection molding molds (prototype molds, simplified molds, mass production molds), small lot production, Solid lubricant
Location HQ factory
1-16-13 Tsurumachi, Taishō-ku, Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 551-0023
[General affairs/accounting department]
TEL.+81-6-6552-0115 (switchboard) FAX.+81-6-6552-0114
[Production Engineering Department / Manufacturing Engineering Department]
TEL.+81-6-6555-0203 FAX.+81-6-6555-0206
Established April 1964
Incorporated February 1985
Capital stock 10,000,000 yen
Representative Director
Ichizo Shimizu
Employees 38 employees
Main banks of account The Osaka City Shinkin Bank
Resona Ban, Ltd.
The Awa Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Major clients
  • ・NTN Corporation
  • ・NSK Ltd.
  • ・MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
  • ・Kuretake Co.,Ltd.
  • ・Lion Corporation
  • ・And others in related to medical equipment, industrial equipment, aerospace

■If coming by car

◇Hanshin Expressway exit
  • 4号Coast Line・
  • 5号Coast Line・
  • 16号Osaka Port Line "Tempozan"
◇From National Route 43

From the Izuo intersection via Taisho-dori (bus road)

◇From Taisho-bashi intersection

Via Taisho-dori (bus road) or Onami-dori (Chitose-bashi)

■If coming from “Taisho” station on the JR Loop line or Subway lines

◇Transfer to Osaka city bus of "Bound for Tsurumachi 4-chome"→get off at "Tsurumachi 2-chome", and walk in 5 minutes


Please do not hesitate to contact us about our products, prototypes and partner cooperation.

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