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We are a technology group that specializes in round things

  • 設計・技術開発

    More than half of the molds our company makes are development products. We receive a variety of requests from customers such as producing prototype for mass production or for the first trial. We know the functions of molding products and have the comprehensive skills to realize the true aims of designers rather than just the blueprint standards.
    This is backed up by a business environment where designers, who are the end users, can frankly exchange opinions with us, utilization of long years of experience and accumulated data, support by objective estimated values such as flow analysis, etc.


  • 金型製作

    The mold parts for creating toric molding products are also toric, cylindrical, and cone shape. We possess proprietary technological know-how such as the mold part processing, combination, and touch surface adjustment of such "round shape".


  • 試作・小ロット量産成形

    With 2 units of 100-ton injection molding machines, we can produce molds from test trials to small lot production. The cylinder temperature goes up to 500℃, so we can also mold super engineering plastic such as PEEK.


  • 品質保証

    We have installed measuring machines suitable for round shape molding products such as 3-dimensional measurement machines and roundness measuring machines, so our work doesn’t end with mold production but rather extends comprehensively from molding to inspection and measurement to conduct quality control. In this way we have gained our customers' trust.



  • With the know-how of torus,

    our technicians who are well-versed in products, molds, and injection molding connect product function with production technology. That is the "mold development power of FUKUI".

  • With the know-how of torus,
  • With the skill of precision as a weapon,

    our precise craftsmen work in multiple fields from general-purpose machines to NC machines. We give great care to accuracy, from machine processing to mold finishing. That is the "on-site power" of FUKUI.

  • With the skill of precision as a weapon,
  • While operating the molding machine,

    which fights with the living thing called plastic and has a cylinder temperature specification of 500℃, we conduct a variety of plastic injection molding from general-purpose plastic PP to super engineering plastic PEEK. That is the "injection moldingpower" of FUKUI.

  • While operating the molding machine,
  • A technology group in pursuit of quality

    We use multiple various measuring machines including a 3-dimensional measurement machine and a roundness measurement machine to check the product quality our customers demand. That is the "quality assurance power” of FUKUI.

  • A technology group in pursuit of quality

This amalgamation of technical skill is what makes FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY.


Please do not hesitate to contact us about our products, prototypes and partner cooperation.

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