About Us 福井精機工業とは

"Never surrender to create the New Value" is the management philosophy of FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY.
We have been pursuing the value of technical skill for over 50 years.
Having specialized in plastic retainers for bearings, "round shape" became our strong
point and We’ll offer the best solution to our customers like smooth rounding!


福井精機工業を知っていただく3つのポイント Strength Point

  • 実績40年
  • 世界シェア25%
  • 開発パートナー歴50年以上


Plastic retainer molds for bearings [35 years of achievements] Retainers for bearings used on the axis of revolution of the automobiles and machine tools which are the pride of Japan in the world. Or, plastic parts for electric power steering and mechanisms to turn off a vehicle engine when stopped, which demand environmental technologies. Our company is a mold manufacturer specializing in these "rotating, round plastic parts". "Never surrender to create the New Value" is our company's management philosophy.




Electric power steering, in which our customers possess 25% of the world share. The plastic parts of the sensors of these use FUKUI's molds, operating around the world. In insert molding, which integrates metal and plastic, many problems occur such as protecting the insert material, its position accuracy, and the joining and deformation of the plastic. Our role is to solve these problems and provide support for our customers’ production technology.




A characteristic of FUKUI is that we are involved from the development stage of plastic products used in automobiles which will be released several years in the future. Utilizing our many years of experience and knowledge on plastic mold manufacture, we provide support from the prototype development stage to the realization of the actual product.





  • 設計・技術開発 Planning & Development


    With our advanced design ability using 3D-CAD and our research and development ability using innovative ideas, we have provided our customers with more delicate and high-quality precision molds. New ideas and workmanship of creation which are found in each of our parts which goes ahead of the time. This is all a crystallization of FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY's desire to realize our customers’ needs.

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  • 金型製作 Die Making


    To be a key-member which supports current technology's continuing complication and miniaturization as time goes on, FUKUI SEIKI INDUSTRY has continued to provide high-quality precision molds to meet our customers' needs using the most precise and advanced processing technology. We will continue to create things which will contribute to the next era in the field of precision molds, based on our ability as engineers which we have cultivated over many long years.

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  • 試作・小ロット Prototyping


    Based on our long years of technology, we also conduct manufacture of prototype molds and small lot production. The sense of speed, technical challenge, and inspection for mass production required for prototypes, as well as the molding technology which can easily handle super engineering plastic, and other footwork and accurate technical judgment only possible by a mold manufacturer are where our true strength lies.

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  • 品質保証 quality Assurance


    We have a good understanding of the importance of inspections and measurements demanded today. We are not only fully equipped with 3-dimensional measurement machines and roundness measuring machines, etc., we also conduct quality assurance of completed mold parts and injection molding products using our skills which include knowledge of the software side, such as accurate measurement methods with an understanding of the use conditions of molding products.

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