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There are no corners in work!?

Plastic retainer for bearings, plastic parts for electric power steering and mechanisms to turn off a vehicle engine when stopped.
We are a mold manufacturer specializing in these "rotating, round plastic parts requiring perfect roundness".
We have unified our order receptions from the development of prototype molds to production preparations with mass production molds.
We can also conduct prototype trials, measurement and inspection, and small lot mass production molding for super engineering plastic.

Automobile parts





Based on our company's core technology, round shape mold, we are engaged in a variety of development.
All new gate methods, manufacture of products with materials which can't be injection molded, etc.
We will try anything with the skills we have cultivated and our flexible support.
At FUKUI we never mind spending a lot of time to create new value!


Please do not hesitate to contact us about our products, prototypes and partner cooperation.

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